Internal link building is the most powerful SEO tactic you are not using.

It’s a tactic used by most well-known websites (i.e. those already ranking in the top 10) for one simple reason: it has the power to boost rankings like crazy.

Don’t believe me?

I am going to show you how one site used internal linking to jump from position #29 to #4 in a matter of weeks.

And another that went from position #33 to #5.


It’s also extremely quick/easy to implement and carries (almost) zero risk of Google penalties.

In fact, it can be implemented pretty much overnight.

Sound good?

What you will learn

  • What internal linking is
  • How internal linking helps Google to discover your content 
  • How strategic internal linking can bring huge ranking boosts
  • How internal linking will make you more money

Ready to dive in ? 

What is Internal Linking? (And Why Is It Important)

There are two types of links:

Internal and external.

Basically, an internal link will take you to a web page or resource on the same domain, whereas an external link will take you to a resource on a different domain.

Let me illustrate with an example…

Here are two links from my list of the best link building tools:

Link #1 is an internal link (i.e. it links to another web page on my domain) which takes you to my ultimate guide to Scrapebox (btw, this currently ranks #2 for “scrapebox”, so you can already start to see the power of internal linking!).

However, link #2 is an external link (i.e. it links to a page on a different domain) as it takes you Patrick Coombe’s website.